Building rock solid multichannel campaign strategies

“Both the message and the way it is being communicated influence the audience.”

We have so much potential. It is amazing just how much potential is stored up in the people around us. A ton of that potential is untapped. We have to plan to tap that stored up potential. One of the many things that can be done with that stored up potential is figuring out the best ways to communicate with others. We have the potential to build out rock solid multichannel campaign strategies. Those are universally strategies aimed at communicating with people. The hardest step along that journey is the first step. It is the step we have to elect to take. The first step we take on purpose toward success.

My journey toward keeping a functional journal has taken a number of forms over the years. I have a stack of notebooks and a few sketchpads that sit on a bookshelf. My digital archive is full of all sorts of different types of prose. Everything that I end up working on is a part of my personal journey. That does not mean that inherent to the journey is a clear narrative. My communication style does not directly resonate with everybody. Most multichannel campaign strategies are built out of necessity, evolve organically, or are highly data driven.

Developing a communication strategy might sound straightforward and easy to accomplish. A campaign can get pretty complex pretty quickly. The number of people involved can quickly outpace the capacity of a single person to manage it. Building a campaign strategy might feel like writing a great symphony. It needs to be orchestrated and ultimately it needs to have a fantastic conductor. Each part needs to be in harmony with the rest and each part needs to come together to form something beautiful.

Over the next few days we will be folks on the elements involved in building out rock solid multichannel contact strategies.

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