Managing the ongoing narrative by writing daily and being reflective

At any moment, I’m pretty much poised to sit down and write a ton of words. Targeting a specific topic is the hard part of the equation. Managing the ongoing narrative by writing daily takes a certain amount of effort and a commitment of time. Writing in the earlier hours of the morning or right before bed seems to be the best method to produce some weblog appropriate prose. That is however not the best method to build out academic work. That type of writing takes a certain amount of focus and dedication. Sitting down to write an academic article generally involves some thought about why that subject matters, an outline, and a lot of research. Generally, it is not something that happens in the moment. A good think piece might happen in the moment. That is the fun part of the whole thing. Out of nowhere something shows up and springs into existence.

Part of the fun of writing and posting things is learning the frameworks and the platforms. Right now, I just realized that the World Online platform is transferring a few HTML artifacts during the cut and paste to the Guttenberg editing WordPress is currently using. It turns out that the best method to cut and paste over to the editor is to use the code editor view. Yeah that was some inside baseball about how this post formatting came to be this morning. Sure, that is not the most interesting thing that is going to happen today, but it was what caught my attention. That in short is the nature of how most things develop and how they persist. Attention matters these days. People are trying to garner as much attention as possible in all sorts of forms and in all sorts of ways. Advertising is the last great scramble to amass as much attention as possible for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are good and some of them are questionable.

That scramble is the part of things that get interesting. Nothing these days really grabs the bulk of the people’s attention. Very few singular things grab the full attention of the public mind. These words right here right now are not going to capture the public mind. They are not really written toward that purpose. Writing for a blog is more or less about the exercise of writing. It is about the act of writing. What I have found over the years is that writing begets more writing and that is how the quality of writing generally improves.

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