2014 Task Review

We are more than half way through the 2014 calender year. Now would be a good time to review my top 10 tasks for the year in no particular order. I’m probably going to set an order later this week.

10 pending tasks to complete during 2014:

  1. Build a 2014 technology frontier infographic and convert it into a YouTube video
  2. Come up with a small business idea and write a business plan
  3. Expand NPL Research Group offerings to include micro targeted data mining
  4. Expand my eGovernment 50 dataset analysis to include all municipalities
  5. Complete a 2nd complete revision of the Modeling political campaign contact performance paper
  6. Publish the Multichannel Contact Strategy for Campaigns book
  7. Complete and publish a 2nd edition of the Graduation with Civic Honors book
  8. Submit a paper to the American Society for Public Administration annual conference
  9. Submit a paper to the Midwest Political Science Association annual conference
  10. Complete at least 3 new YouTube videos related to Multichannel Contact Strategy

I’m also working on studying for the PMP exam. Pretty much everybody agrees that a PMP boot camp is the way to go.

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