Focusing on Academic Writing

A slip and fall on the ice helped me realize the error of my ways. The two days I ended up having to take off work last week gave me time to sit and think. Time to think about the things that mattered to Douglas Adams. I had time to think about life, the universe, and well everything…

I realized that more time in my schedule needs to be freed up for academic writing. My conclusion was simple enough — I need to ensure that three hours during both Saturday and Sunday morning have to be devoted to academic writing. I want to figure out a method to spend one hour a day during weekdays writing. That hour could either be in the morning or the evening.

Over the last few years my capacity to engage in late night academic writing sessions has diminished. Writing during the early hours of the morning has increasingly become my last bastion of productivity. Writing two to three papers a year is not good enough anymore. I need to recapture the single minded purpose that helped shape my early college years.

Modernity has been unkind to the winds that drive personal creativity. The public mind has been engaged by works of fiction, a myriad of television programming, and an ever expanding cornucopia of video games. The world can seem pretty full of distractions. My goal has to be to bypass those distractions in favor of making a lasting contribution to the academy.

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