Breaking some writing habits

A trip to Target yielded some new B12 vitamins and a few dinners for the week. For some reason, the Starbucks coffee within that particular Target store seemed to run in slow motion. It was really strange how slow everything was running. I actually abandoned getting two shots of espresso. That does not happen very often.

Dictation is going to be a larger part of how I write. Spoken word translated to text seems to be more personal in tone. On a go forward basis, I plan to return to capturing notes throughout the day. I simply do not have the time to write long form prose essays anymore. For the next couple of months, I’m going to have to focus on writing a lit bit at a time and hoping it add up to something meaningful. After rereading everything that I have written so far during 2015, I have concluded that I need to step up my game and be better.

Translating a strategy into action is harder than it seems. Plans always look great on paper. Those plans can face huge tests within a large organization. Startups thrive when the number of decision makers remains small and they make the right decisions. The larger and more mature an organization becomes the more layers of challenge, review, addition, subtraction, and even budgeting a plan faces.


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