A snow day and some writing considerations

Everything on the publishing front seems to be moving along. My big plan to pull my backlog forward in 2022 has been working so far. I can confirm that the first few editing and revision projects were much easier than the current one. I’m working on something that falls into the nonfiction camp of efforts, but it needs a lot more editing than I expected. Publishing an eBook is a lot easier than trying to complete the proof acceptance process. Having something printed and reviewing how the ink ended up looking on charts, graphics, and overall for readability is a much harder process. Everything in the eBook just looks the way it was uploaded. The only thing I have noticed over the years is that sometimes the artwork for the cover gets downgraded in quality as it is passed around from the point of origin to all the distribution points. Generally the rest of the eBook just stays the way it was and probably always will be from the point of creation forward. 

Today happens to be a rare snow day in Broomfield, Colorado. We got about 5 inches of snow overnight and things outside are still surprisingly silent as daybreak is about to happen here in a  few minutes. At some point the trucks with plows will sprint through the neighborhood streets and things will get moving again. The snow is not above the bumper of my SUV, but a regular size car would have a harder time navigating the streets until the plows are able to clear paths. For the most part in a snowstorm that is a key milestone for drivers that want to get around. If the snow becomes taller than the bumper of the car, then driving will be much harder to accomplish. An entire paragraph about snow has just been written this morning. I guess that means that my writing process is ongoing and successfully covering whatever comes to mind. 

Initially I had been considering doing hardcover books and not paperback editions for a few of the things I was going to release this year. Now I’m thinking maybe setting up the paperback editions of the ones that are going to physical printing would be the right thing to do at this point. It would require going through the entire process of doing a proof copy and the painful waiting for the printing and review process that causes. I’m going to wait until the end of my current review cycle and see if it is something that I’ll be able to stomach this year. I really do not like waiting for physical copies of a book to arrive. That point has probably been made abundantly clear. I’m about to stop the writing process this morning and move on to the snow shoveling part of the day. We are about to arrive at 0707 hours when daybreak is scheduled to arrive. A good bit of shoveling is about to occur.

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