A muddling narrative

This might end up being a shorter post today. Right now I only have a 30 minute window to sit down and write before the day has to begin. Two shorts of Starbucks espresso have been made using the Nespresso Expert machine that sits in the kitchen. My thoughts have yet to fully come together into a point of view or even a meandering narrative of some sort. Problematic as that might be I’ll muddle through the prose creation process and hope for the best. Maybe just maybe that is the essence of the march forward for the day. Today perhaps has all the essential elements to be a day full of muddling narratives. That is a relatively frightening thought to begin the day with, but it could be worse I guess. Building toward something is better than the mutiny of desperate silence that comes from unadulterated inaction. 

I’m starting to wake up a bit this morning, but the clock is burning time faster than it should during this writing journey. Sure enough all of my time will expire. That is really the nature of modern communication. We lack the time to really sit down and say anything to each other in a complete way. This is probably the principle problem with our politics as well. Outside in the wild of the public square so much is left unsaid that our politics could not be described as anything other than a muddling narrative. Incomplete thoughts and partial arguments end up reduced to shortened phrases that may unpack after you hear them for some people and are completely ignored by others. Communicating complex ideas to others is a wild adventure at best and a truly impossible feat at worst. Both the speaker and the respondent have to have enough time to listen and enough energy invested to understand and consider what is being expressed. With the endless stream of content being created a few moments for consideration and reflection are increasingly problematic to ask for an oversaturated audience. 

Interrupted. School. 

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