Entry #12 – Deep

Welcome to Friday. Today happens to be an exciting Friday. It happens to be a day I took off work to engage in writing and do a little cleaning up around the house. During part of my morning, I spent some time thinking about the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport (2016). Getting time to focus in and really work deeply is increasingly challenging. The number of things that beep, alert, and draw attention are forever increasing despite our best efforts to reasonably silence and control the ones around us.

That made me think about my top 3 favorite business books at the moment. It was pretty easy to figure that one out and it only required a couple seconds to type them up on the screen here.

  1. Deep Work by Cal Newport (2016)
  2. Measure what Matters by John Doerr (2017)
  3. Executing Your Strategy: How to Break it Down and Get it Done by Mark Morgan, Raymond E. Levitt, and William Alexander Malek (2007)

To me the Executing Your Strategy book is full of timeless pearls of wisdom and should be read by every student before graduating college. Seriously, that advice might be offered for free, but that does not mean it is not valuable.


I went down the guitar effects rabbit hole today on the web and YouTube.

  • Orange OR15H 15-watt Tube Head
  • Orange PPC212 V 120-watt 2×12″ Cabinet – Orange
  • EarthQuaker Devices Palisades
  • EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine
  • Walrus Audio Deep Six


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