Entry #11 – Deciding

Today I organized my collection of Crane & Co. note sheets and note cards. Earlier this year I started to look for a nice stationary box. Currently, I am still using an old Sony VAIO neoprene laptop case to store all my stationary equipment. However, I have yet again managed to lose my address book. That small address book as been in my possession for over 10 years. It has been lost a number of times. This time it seems to be lost a little more than usual. It is probably sitting underneath something. That is typically what happens. I end up sitting it under something or it gets knocked behind something.

I’m going to need to engage in some deciding. Some direction has to be taken here shortly to drive all of my attention and energy to building and creating something. Instead of just switching from thing to thing it is time to begin to be devoted to something. That might sound rather simplistic and it should be a rather easy thing to commit to doing, but it turns out it is much harder than expected.

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