Entry #10 – Hot Sauce

Today was an exciting day in terms of hot sauce management. My collection of hot sauce has gotten out of control recently. Earlier today, during a trip to Target, I purchased a new container for my hot sauce collection. Right now 18 bottles of hot sauce are being stored in the garage fridge. A few of the older ones had to leave my collection. I’m going to need to eat hot sauce at least 2x a week to be able to start to reduce the number of bottles in my collection. That is important to help create enough room for new hot sauce additions. A few of them are on my short list of things I would like to try to see if they can make the vaunted top five list.

hot sauce collection

I started to write a short story:

“Elson entered the parking lot from the northeast side. A few people were milling around the parking lot that morning. They were in various states of getting, having, or finishing breakfast. It was that time of day. Things happened slowly for some and in highly entrenched patterns for others. Today was a day where a bagel was going to be a part of breakfast. That was about to happen.”

My goal for today is to try to plug that little bit of a short story into the GPT-2 model to see how the AI would continue my efforts.

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