Entry #1 – Functionally Journaling

Being a writer is about little more than the act of writing. The barrier to entry is really just three things: a medium to store content, something to write with, and time to write. Right now I’m reading an old library copy of Working Days by John Steinbeck. So far the recipe to writing seems to be the persistence necessary to finish pages. Some people just let things happen and others write within guidelines to fill in the blanks on a known destination.

My efforts fall into two camps of thought. On the academic side of things I write to a journal template or a specific manuscript format. Outside of academic efforts I tend to write in a more stream of consciousness style. The next 99 entries in this series of thoughts will be more than a chautauqua that drones on about the intersection of technology and modernity. These entries are going to be about the process of functionally journaling my efforts to move passed self censorship and simply write as the writing happens. Maybe that is a naive first move in a game of chess that revolves less around the rules than the outcomes.

Some time ago… like last year… I penned 3 chapters of a novel that were not entirely terrible. This may very well be the start of a new writing endeavor. Given the other things that I owe in the next 90 days this might not be the right time to take on this type of new endeavor. Somehow that might help get this entire thing running in the right direction.

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