Welcome to some October posting

Yesterday, I used Google Docs to write a post. That habit is apparently very hard to break. It was in the evening after dinner, and I was working on my Google Pixelbook Go Chromebook and it just happened. A Google Doc got opened pretty quickly and a short post was crafted. Today I’m back in my trusty Microsoft Word document, but I’m going to have to go copy and paste that content right above this post. I was in one of those modes where I just deleted my entire Tumblr account on a whim. That should give you some idea of what carried all of that action to resolution.

I’m currently curious if Google will send me a refund from my Stadia founder’s edition bundle (night blue). I had purchased a couple of games as well. To be honest on this one. I only played this thing the day it arrived and then I gave up on it in total. It turned out I was way more likely to hook up an Xbox controller to my computer and play games that way.

For the last few days, I have been testing out leaving my phone in do not disturb mode with an exception for repeat callers or contacts. Only phone calls from my contacts are disrupting my workflows. So far I have to report that it is working out much better than I expected. Right now the only way any of those extremely aggressive notifications get my attention is when I pick up my phone by choice. I’m sure it has slowed down my mean time to respond to application alerts and text messages. 

Functionally it has not changed my response time to phone calls as that remains the same. Seriously, I did not realize how many times a day some ping, alert, notification, or other push method informational notice was pulling my attention from other things. To really sit down and work deeply on things not having all those alerts works much better. Overall, I’m coming up with more notes and observations about things. I guess the relevant note on this one is that my overall focus on things improved. 

For the second day in a row sitting on the sofa watching a bit of television I broke down and worked out of Google Docs again. Maybe when left to my own devices and during periods when I’m just generating prose for my own personal amusement, that is the word processing document application that best meets my needs. It is certainly the application I open from my browser without thinking about it.

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