Thinking about weblog names

Instead of naming my weblog the “Functional Journal” it would probably be called “Documented Journey” and it might be more interesting. Actually, it would probably be exactly the same, but the name that was chosen over 20 years ago might be different. Things change and people grow and develop over time. It would be sort of boring if the journey was always exactly the same on a daily or yearly basis. Right now the only real formatting I’m doing with the weblog posts is making sure the paragraphs stay separated and I have been trying to add 3 tags to each post so that my “My Very Random Tag Cloud” widget can drop the randomness part and just be a normal tag cloud. Based on my website usage and reports it is pretty clear that nobody uses the tag cloud in any meaningful way. It is just something that I like to see on the widget bar of the weblog. Within that visual representation it just gives me an idea of what topics have been covered a bunch and that is about the only outcome of making sure that each post has three tags added to it before publication. 

Naming a weblog used to have a ton of meaning back in the day as that is how the rolling links referenced it on other weblogs and how people that just used static links shared the writers they really enjoyed to read. Right now I do not really link to any other writers on my weblog. It is an island of personal thought that just documents the journey, but it does not do that in a very comprehensive or complete way. Maybe that has to do with how the process of daily journaling comes in and out of focus for me in unpredictable ways. I don’t really sit down and catch up from the last writing session creating some type of continuity. Each writing session is really its own stand along journey into the moment and thoughts of the present. It could very well be that is how it will continue to occur or maybe some growth and development will occur after reflecting on my writing practices. 

This weekend is going to have to be spent working out the updates to a presentation that needs to be delivered next Friday morning. Overall the content just needs a little bit of a refresh and I need to make sure that my delivery is going to be smooth and full of solid details. My extemporaneous delivery of it right now would probably be good enough, but it would not be great. That leaves some room to strive for improvement in the next few days.

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