Thinking about microphone isolation

This is a recording of my blog from December 18, 2019

My testing efforts to figure out the best way to use the Stedman proscreen XL pop filter have been going ok so far. One of the things that might help is building a noise reducing housing. That would pretty much entail building a cube with acoustic noise canceling panels that the microphone could sit on during the recording process. Working with that type of enclosure would remove the vast majority of rebounded sound or ambient noise within the room. I’m not entirely sure that is necessary to make basic recordings that use the Audacity application, a condenser microphone, and a pop filter. Building a sound canceling box is probably a next level action for more professional sounding audio. I started looking around for some DIY options to build a sound recording booth box or isolation filter cube/box. People have built all sorts of interesting things. It will require a bit more research before I’m ready to figure out what path to take.

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