Setting up a bit of automation

Well I have moved back into the pattern of writing a daily weblog post. Each morning I’m sitting down and producing a few words in a near stream of consciousness fashion. This is in addition to my efforts on Substack each week. Along the way, it seemed like a good idea to update my “Publicize posts” setting to create links from Twitter to automatically share new weblog posts by title and a link when they are published. Oddly enough they have a new setting since the last time that I used that functionality. Apparently, I can set up each post to compile and publish as a thread on Twitter, “Twitter Thread: Share the content of this post as a Twitter thread.” I’m kind of curious what it does with multiple photos in the same post. I’m wondering if it just posts text or if links, images, or embedded videos will be compiled over. Some of the documentation says that it will bring over all the content. That is something that I will have to test out by embedding images and maybe some links or something to this post.

I ate the pretzel in this photo. It was delicious. I’m curious how it will show up in the Tweet thread. Right after this line of text is a photo of a giant pretzel with a cup of cheese and a cup of red sauce.

The pretzel was delivered with this extra large New York style cheese pizza. Right after this line of text is a slightly off to the right picture of that pizza.

Here is the output of what happened after publication. It made a thread of Tweets, but the images did not carry over it sort of just compressed the content into a series of linked Tweets.

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