Printing my entire blog

Today, I used a plugin called “Print My Blog” in WordPress. Apparently, my website/blog has about 1,813 pages. It took the plugin about 15 minutes to prepare a single page printing of that content. It turned out to be a total of 2,159 pages. The saving to PDF part did not really work out very well. It has been running for 20 minutes without any results being returned. I was able to simply copy and paste the content into a word document. That effort pasted 2,487 pages and 626,478 words into a Microsoft Office 365 version of Word version 1907. The application crashed a little bit and then handled the pasted content. After about 30 minutes, I cancelled the print from browser option. I’m sure it works for smaller batches of content, but for me a simple cut and paste worked better. It did seem like a good idea to reduce the font size of the whole document to 12. That one change reduced the page count to 1,800 and was oddly satisfying.

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