Domain mischief managed

Moving domains took just a few hours. The move from my .net to my main .com domain took about an hour of effort. That move has happened a few times over the years. A very odd Java code error occurred in one of my libraries and after about 2 days of trying to figure out it was time to reinstall and move on. That happens. It really does. It was not something that I was terribly concerned about trying to solve. An alternative solution existed. The troubleshooting had to stop. It was time to restore and move on. That course of action really just means that search engines have to do a few thousand index changes. It also means that any and all external links to my content no longer work. That should bother me, but it does not. For the most part almost all of my content is text based.

My photography efforts really cratered around 2008 and have never really recovered. I still have a Nikon D3200 camera. It works well enough. Packing it and carrying it with me is the real challenge. I always mean to use the Flickr photo sharing service in meaningful ways, but that just does not seem to happen. I have a YouTube account for video sharing. That account does not get used very often. I simply do not have enough time to edit videos together and upload them. That is probably something that will need to be revisited at some point.

For the most part, my weblog is just a place to write down functional notes that come to mind during stream of consciousness writing sessions. I am well aware that more polished and meaningful prose has to find a home in reviewed publications. Perhaps it would be a better use of my time to only make contributions to the academy. That degree of single minded purpose has not consumed me.

I tend to write when I want to write. That could very well be the root of the problem. It really could be. My writing schedule probably needs to be more of a routine and less of a whim. I could wait for inspiration to strike and chase that river to the source in a single passionate burst of prose. Waiting for inspiration to strike may not be the best strategy. Life gets busy and sometimes the spark of inspiration happens when you cannot set everything down and focus on writing. When I was younger it was much easier to drop everything and focus on a writing project. That luxury simply does not exist anymore.  Over the last few months. I wake up thinking about work instead of engaging in the academic pursuit of general problem solving or theory building.

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