Upcoming Research

This is just a list of upcoming research paper topics that I have started to sketch out. 

  1. Open source MLOps paper (from talks)
  2. eGov 50 revisited paper
  3. Local government technology budget study
  4. The fall of public space paper (could be a book)
  5. A paper on the quadrants of doing
  6. A brief look at my perspective on interns
  7. Some time of perspective on the audience size of ML and why…
  8. ML model stacking
  9. Something on reverse federation
  10. A hyperbolic look at the conjoined triangles of ML
  11. A literature review of modern polling methodology
  12. A literature study of mail vs. non-mail polling methodology in practice and study
  13. ML mesh
  14. A paper on political debt as a concept vs. technical debt