Words on a page can be powerful

Writing happens for a variety of reasons. Bringing prose to life can be reward enough to keep writing. Words on a page can be powerful. A good series of thoughts can be transformative. A few words can spark the imagination or bring forward unimaginable change. At the same time the turn of the page can be nothing more than a distraction to help pass the time between memorable events.

Writers write. We measure that time in front of the keyboard. If we are lucky enough to keep writing, then we may find ourselves drawn to the keyboard. My attempts to use dictation software failed miserably. It turns out that the simple act of typing is what keeps the process going. Sure I have been looking at purchasing a fountain pen. My switch to using Parker IM rollerball pens went well enough that buying a fountain pen seemed like the next logical step. Keyboards will probably be my main writing tool for the foreseeable future. Writing by hand is something that will still occur to sketch out ideas or take notes.

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