Those stuck words

Waking up seems to be going very slowly today. In a few minutes the sun will come up and the day will start, but my efforts to write are not that predictable. At the moment my Warren Zevon Pandora station is playing a lot of Bruce Spingsteen. Sometimes that happens in major spurts. Algorithmically some similarity must exist I guess. Nobody really wrote music and lyrics like Warren did for decades. You can tell that the writing process has not kickstarted yet this morning. I’m writing about my surroundings and not reacting to anything that is kicking up a strong emotion or thought about anything particular. That is generally a bad sign for the start or sustainment of an early morning writing effort. This whole page is not going to auto populate. I’m going to need to start writing something more substantial. Maybe at this very moment the right thing to do would be to shift gears and start writing a short story or maybe just dig into some type of fiction related effort. It does not feel like that is going to happen either. At the moment all of the good words appear to be stuck and those stuck words are not making an appearance on the weblog this morning.

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