Thinking about publishing platforms

Yesterday, I sort of missed using the Movable Type blog publishing platform. Initially all my online content was made using Microsoft FrontPage. Oddly enough I was really good at doing things with Microsoft FrontPage. It was really easy to use and administer. Along the way it had seemed like a good idea to switch over to using the Movable Type system. That was probably around 17 or 18 years ago. Somewhere along the way probably around 2009 things were moved over to WordPress. That is pretty much how things went. They went from the platform I really liked to two that I could take or leave. A lot of different options exist for people to build and publish content online these days. Both Movable Type and WordPress helped people along the way get used to publishing content online and they were pretty straightforward to get installed and to manage. The long pole in the tent requirement for me was that the software had to be self hosted. That rules out a lot of the platforms straight away. I want to have the code sitting on my server and manage it myself. That might be an outdated thing to consider in this world of cloud enablement, but my words are my words and I host them myself. 

Apparently, I could go out and learn how to deploy my weblog software on GCP or Azure. That is probably something that I should learn to do just to keep current on cloud deployments. I could deploy my own instance and manage it on one of those cloud platforms. Maybe that is something to think about working on for this weekend. The real trick would be scripting the entire setup on GCP so it could be executed in one shot. That might be a valid use of my time to demonstrate the ability to do a small deployment. These days figuring out ways to expand my toolkit to have examples of doing things in the cloud is probably not a bad way to spend my time. I spent some time looking at the newer courses for GCP out on the Coursera website. That is where the Google Cloud team has elected to store training content and in the past those classes have been pretty good. I have enjoyed a ton of them in the past. That might be something that I want to invest more time in here shortly.

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