My whiteboard is clean

Today I took the day off. It is like a placeholder day of sorts. Things are going to happen today and I’m going to try to focus on creating some things. My whiteboard is clean and ready for some thoughts about the future. That bottle of whiteboard cleaner is almost empty now. I thought that bottle would last forever. At the moment, I’m ready to throw some ideas up on the whiteboard and try to figure out what’s next. That is where my head is at right now. My thoughts are confused on the future and that is probably where they will be all day. I’m probably going to grab my Google Pixelbook Go and spend some time writing and working in the living room today. I could probably just as easily go old school with a notebook and my Parker sonnet fountain pen, but I’m thinking typing might be the right way to go today. Today is a day of words. It is one of those placeholder days where words outpace actions. The planning and the thinking have to gain steam to build up to getting things done. It happens from time to time. All the things that need to be set up have to be built out and put together. Without building out the foundation the totality of what needs to be achieved will be limited by the freestanding pillars that happen to be standing around when the action starts.

A 93-day publishing streak…

I’m generally pretty good at accepting or denying LinkedIn requests in real time. Right now I have 59 of them to dig into and figure out what to do with today. That is something that I can probably do while sitting on the sofa pondering the nature of the universe. I’m going to start noting the length of my current publishing streak at the bottom of my posts for a while. I’m getting very close to hitting that 100 day consecutive publishing streak milestone and that is exciting. That means that my daily writing routine is working well enough to keep going. The goal of that endeavor is to just keep writing a little bit every day while striving forward toward that perfect possible future.

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