Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Probably the only thing I plan on buying or at least viewing during the sales holiday’s that occur around Thanksgiving involves 4K Blu-ray discs. I’m wondering what types of sales will happen within that physical media space. Most store are reducing the number of movies they sell. During my last trip to Costco it did not even appear they stocked any movies. That is probably an indicator of how entrenched streaming is throughout the country. We simply do not have enough bandwidth to watch 4K movies. Our internet provider has the speed necessary, but they elect to impose some draconian data caps on customers. You can probably tell that I find those data caps to be repugnant and otherwise arbitrary. However, it is how things work and it is the reason that I continue to buy movies on discs. The 4K movies do really look pretty good. Right now, my 4K content player is an Xbox One S. It works great as an entertainment hub for the living room.

We ended up getting a Samsung 65-inch 4K UHD television and the screen looks great. Right now, I’m watching the over the air broadcast from Fox of the Oklahoma Sooners playing football against the Kansas Jayhawks. Overall the broadcast picture quality looks pretty good. It seems sharp and is super consistent. We do not get to watch the Jayhawks play football on broadcast television very often. This game is a lot more competitive than what I expected to see tonight. One of the things that I most closely associate with Thanksgiving is watching football and that should be fun this year.  

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