We have reached 10,000 feet

The announcement already occurred, “We have reached 10,000 feet.” For the second time this week, the Southwest Airlines aircraft was not equipped with wireless internet. I was planning on grading papers during the flight. I had downloaded the 291st episode of This Week in Google for the flight. Jeff Jarvis was in rare form this week. Jeff almost convinced me to buy a Google Pixel Chromebook during the episode.

Work has become rather interesting. Some things have changed and some things have stayed the same. I have been deeply thinking about several things at work. They pop into the forefront of my thoughts at times. Coffee has normally been something that I only consume in the morning. Recently, I have started drinking coffee throughout the day. Afternoon espresso shots have even become a part of my routine.

Writing has been challenging this month. Thinking about the tough questions needs to be a priority. My time became rather overbooked this month. That happens sometimes. I’m trying to regroup. Starting a new edX class this month may have been a poor idea.

Writing about business best practices has to become routine. Anything that draws my attention deserves that consideration.

Agile approaches can be used to manage complexity.I have been very tempted to write an article about agile project management.

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