Two Cups of Coffee

Two cups of coffee have been brewed. The morning has started. Bold was the only word on the outside of the package. My only other choice was a package that appeared to be decaffeinated. When I’m traveling I wake up to Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN2. The show generally occurs without any yelling (or confrontation) and the hosts are engaging. I like to listen to them while reading a USA Today or Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper. Coffee is also a regular part of that routine.

Hotels are pretty much the only places where I sit down and read a physical newspaper. I lay them out flat and read them from the front to the back. The articles do not seem to be as detailed as they used to be. I strongly prefer the WSJ, but any paper will work — the routine is part of a process that starts the day.

Last night I ran/walked on a treadmill for about thirty minutes. I’m trying to change my routine to include working out more often. It is a challenge. I’m going to make it happen, but that does not mean it will not be a challenge.

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