Tuesday DEN to DAL Flight

It was cold this morning. The kind of cold that falls just between a heavy coat and a jacket. The car was parked in the garage last night. During the early morning drive to the airport everything seemed ok. Opening the door at the airport introduced an eye opening cold to my day. A mad dash ensued from the car to the airport terminal. My only solace were the two shots of espresso I was about to purchase with breakfast. The day had started. I’m waiting to see where it goes.

This weekend I upgraded the version of the Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10) on my HP Envy X2 hybrid computer. Allegedly, one of the updates that was applied will help fix the power issues that the operating system has. Between limited use yesterday and an hour of use at the airport I’m already down to 63% power remaining. Microsoft engineers are going to need to resolve these power issues posthaste.

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