Traveling to San Jose

Loading up John Wick: Chapter 3 took some time on my flight today. For some reason, the loading of the webpage took a lot longer than expected. Oh no, I got the error, “This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 246000).” That was disappointing to start off my trip to San Jose, California. I did give it one more shot to see if it would work, but that ended up with the same error code on the screen. Even the live television option would not work. After a couple of minutes of messing around and refreshing the browser I just went back to listening to music. The flight has an hour and a half remaining. Given that much time I should be able to do something special with just my thoughts and this keyboard.

Writing for the sake of writing is one of the great joys of having enough time to sit back and just think about things. I had considered writing my speech out again during the flight. Sometimes that is exactly what you want to do to get ready to give a talk. Practice does help ensure that the content gets packaged up correctly. Writing about how to operationalize machine learning is something I enjoy doing, but I am not entirely ready to produce a new block of prose. Right now, I am really just refining the content that I have and trying to make the talk better. One of the things I have really thought about is trying to make a better batch of slides. For some reason, my current slides do not feel impactful enough to bring the content to life.

My goal is to setup and build an entirely new presentation after this week. That is going to involve sitting down and sketching out the story that needs to be told and building the parts of that story out one slide at a time. Working on something like that is going to take some time and a lot of thought and energy. Right now I could be working on that instead of just writing away and enjoying some music during this flight to California. Typing on a flight is really one of those things that works for me and I enjoy it. Some offices are building these little isolation chambers to let people lock in and really focus. Being able to really focus on things has always come easily to me. That is something I should probably not take for granted.

This privacy screen on my Google Pixelbook Go is still working pretty well. Nothing has really gotten between the shield and the screen. I’m sure at some point that will happen and it will be very problematic. This privacy shield is held on the screen with some adhesive stickers along the edges. Trying to remove it and clean the underlying screen would be very problematic. It would have been much better to get a replaceable screen like the ones some of the Apple products have available. Those privacy screens seem to be much better. I’m not sure having people read over my shoulder is really that big of a deal to me, but at these conferences and traveling all over it seemed to be something I wanted to avoid.

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