Traveling from Denver to Cleveland

The next 30 minutes will be devoted to stream of consciousness based writing. I’m stuck on a flight to Cleveland, Ohio today. For some reason, traveling to Cleveland does not seen to be all that inspiring. Maybe it will be a good trip. This morning I managed to get to the airport about 3 hours early. That gave me enough time to grade an entire week worth of business ethics papers. Last quarter, I was able to teach strategic planning for business. That class was actually pretty enjoyable to teach. This term, I’m enjoying reading the book and thinking about business ethics this term. I have had a lot of time think about things while flying around the country.

I’m pretty sure that the flight attendant from Frontier Airlines just wanted to charge me for a soda. It seems like the airlines are quickly trying to charge for just about anything. I keep a water bottle with me on flights. I have been trying to drink less soda this year. For the most part the plan to drink less soda has been working.

Apparently, the Emmy Awards on television tonight. I paid the 5 dollars to be able to watch television during the flight. During the flight I ended up watching 30 minutes of Alton Brown talking about curry powder and about two hours of CNBC. The pundits are pretty focused on how many awards Netflix will win tonight. The second season of House of Cards was pretty good. I’ll probably continue to watch the series.

Yesterday I attended a fantasy football draft at Scott’s house. Yahoo analytics gave my draft a “B” grade based on instant analysis. I have been playing both fantasy football and fantasy baseball. For the most part, the entire league mocked my draft. I had tried to corner the market on kickers, but that did turn out to be a viable strategy.

Last week during my trip to Chicago I realized just how heavy my work laptop gets while walking a mile. Lenovo ThinkPad computers might last a long time, but the older ones are truly heavy. My HP Envy X2 laptop is easy to carry around. Carrying around the ThinkPad really took a toll on my shoulder.

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