The one with a Rolling Stone magazine

Few memorable things happen at airports. We mostly remember what it is like to get to or return from an airport. They are places that exist between the beginning and end of a journey. Today was somewhat different. We ended up at the airport several hours early with a very tired 3 year old. At the end of the 3 hour adventure, a copy of the April 23, 2015 issue of Rolling Stone magazine is sitting in my Timbuk2 messenger style bag. That bag is sitting under an aisle seat on a Southwest airplane. Today that airplane is traveling nonstop between Orlando, Florida, and Denver, Colorado. A copy of Rolling Stone magazine is not something that normally resides in my travel bag. An interview about a film that Frances Bean Cobain helped produce sparked the purchase. I pretty much read things from cover to cover. Reading that way has been one of my more peculiar and enduring habits since high school debate. John Paul fell asleep as the airplane was taking off.

John Paul is an incredibly peaceful sleeper. It is an honest sleep. A brand of sleep that is necessary to replenish some very honoree batteries.

Somehow two different classes got assigned to me this term. Throughout the next 12 weeks I will be teaching an introductory level business class and a principles of management class. It should be interesting. During the 4 hour flight from Orlando to Denver, I logged onto the Southwest Airlines satellite based wireless internet service and participated in both classrooms. The internet speeds on the flight were slower than usual.

Getting logged into the classrooms involved a browser switch from the new Windows 10 Spartan to Firefox. The classroom system eCollege must not be fully compatible with Spartan or the connection was to slow to function properly. The main course page had to be refreshed several times just to get things running properly. Slowness like that mixed with constant refreshing makes for a very frustrating online experience.

My new goal for 2015 will involve only working on projects that can be published. A large amount of my time over the last few years has been spent on projects that could not be published. That is something that needs to change.

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