That one with a DIA to MCO flight

The flight between Denver and Orlando will last about three hours. That time has been earmarked to work on an economics related paper. Today is the day to write a rough draft. The paper does not have a title yet, but the theory has shown some promise. I’m thinking about calling the new algorithm the econ-o-swarm. Writing the majority of a paper during a 3 hour window will be challenge. Now is the time to set a timer and see what happens. Sometimes a little bit of pressure can help push things forward.

Buying a Chromebook might happen during this trip. The battery life on my HP Envy X2 is just not holding up anymore. The unit has both a battery in the keyboard and in the tablet component. Between both of those full sized batteries I’m not getting a full day worth of usage. During the first two hours of this flight the tablet has chewed through 33% of the units total battery power. The device should be capable of more than 6 hours of usage. All I really do with the device is write and read a few webpages. Some of the Chromebooks I have looked at recently sport 11-12 hours of battery life.

Getting to the airport was the easy part of the journey. Dealing with John Paul during a 3 hour airplane flight will be the hard part. Getting a 3 year old to sit still for 3 hours is nearly impossible. John Paul really seems to like airports and airplanes.

Paper Title: Economic micro-targeting extrapolation of macro-level demographic statistics

Abstract: ~192 words (<250 required)

Even after the advances in modern computing, a dearth of near real-time economic models exist within the literature. However, nascent research on micro-targeting has shown promise. Using Bayesian inference to fill in gaps from data mining social networks allows for advanced micro-targeting of individual spending preferences. Micro-targeting within a macro level economic model is now possible. It is now time to utilize a sophisticated algorithm to aggregate a series of micro-targeted models to describe a macro level condition. Begin building the model by collecting the economic transaction of a single person. Each transaction gets added to a list. By collecting several days of transactions the spending patterns of that individual person could be modeled. Collecting data on a number of individuals would increase the sample size to be representative. Now imagine for a moment all of those individual models were tied back to demographic data. That demographic data ties back to represent the economy as a whole. Individual economic behavior is being modeled, but it is being applied to a very macro level. Within this paper a model is introduced to engage in extrapolation of macro-level demographic statistics from micro-targeted data mining.

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