Some time in Texas

Hesitation or maybe the need to nap has been slowing down my day. It was one of those days where the snooze button was very appealing. My new Fitbit watch has a snooze button that is very easy to use. It might be a little easier than it should be. I had used that match based alarm a few years back. It really did do the trick, but sometimes it took me a bit to get the alarm turned off. It was not something that worked well with other people around.

This flight is still going. I’m pretty much ready to go to bed. I still have the drive from the airport to the house. I may have to get some coffee or an energy drink at the airport before venturing home. For the most part, I was able to give up energy drinks last year. That was part of my consume less sugar plan.

On airline flights I order cranberry juice to drink. People drink a wide variety of beverages. The airlines probably have a pretty good dataset on what beverage choices are popular by destination and region. It does not seem like the beverage options change very often. Over the last decade we have seen a variety of vitamin and other flavored waters pop up. For the most part, we have not seen any major changes in the brands distributing beverages.

I had a bottle of IBC root beer with lunch. That is something that does not happen very often. My plan has been to stick with water, coffee, tea, and juice. For some reason, that bottle of root beer just looked good. It pretty much tasted the way I remembered. It was not something that I needed to have with lunch.


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