On Clark Griswold

It is that time of year. The holiday season has started. Some people get the Clark Griswold experience. Some people will never really understand. Picking a Christmas tree is a family priority. This year I learned a lot about them. More than I really intended to learn. Specifically, I had to learn about Christmas tree recycling this week. A few weeks ago, Jason visited from Kansas. That visit had a specific purpose. The purpose of that visit was to get a Christmas tree. To that end, we elected to take John Paul out to the Red Feathers Lake cutting area to pick out the perfect Clark Griswold approved Christmas tree.

The night before we drove out to Red Feathers Lake we watched Christmas Vacation (1989) on Blu-ray disc. Overall, I have been pretty happy with the Blu-ray functionally of the Xbox One. During the course of the last year, I have been considered replacing my Boston Acoustic sound bar with a more robust home theater system. That level of audio would probably not add to the Christmas Vacation movie viewing experience.

It took two hours to drive from Denver to the Red Feather Lakes area. Jason and I elected to wear our Canadian made Clark Griswold Chicago Blackhawks jerseys. People really seemed to like them. John Paul was super excited about the entire process. We had sandwiches, hot chocolate, and a variety of snacks. The four wheel drive feature on my vehicle was sufficiently tested. It definitely works. We wondered far enough into the woods that we could see the trail back to the car. A few decent trees were located. The one that was selected actually hit our 14’ tall ceiling. We had to cut about 3 feet off the tree to allow it to fit in the room. The most interesting part of the entire experience was the drive back with a huge Christmas tree on top of the car.

I was invested in the process. The Miracle Grow Christmas tree food was ready. The tree stand was already in place. On a side note, I think the tree food really did stop the tree from shedding a ridiculous amount of pine needles. The tree has been standing for a number of days now. I only had to tighten the tree stand once. I’m curious to see if next year we breakdown and buy a tree in a box or if we continue a tradition of venturing out into the Colorado mountains in search of a tree.

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