Nonstop Denver to Dallas Love Field

The Southwest Airlines employees all seem pretty excited about “Nonstop LOVE 10.13.14” today. Apparently, I accidently booked my nonstop ticket to Love Field in Texas from Denver on the first day the flight is offered. I normally take the 5:50 AM American Airlines flight to DFW from Denver, but the 8:50 AM departure time seemed favorable.

Southwest Airlines employees getting ready for the first DAL to DEN nonstop flight
Southwest Airlines employees getting ready for the first DAL to DEN nonstop flight

The employees had cookies, streamers, and a news crew showed up. The end of the Wright Amendment seems to have opened up a few more nonstop flight options.

Southwest Airlines employees watching the first DAL to DEN nonstop flight passengers arrive
Southwest Airlines employees watching the first DAL to DEN nonstop flight passengers arrive

I’m not sure why Southwest Airlines executives have chosen to avoid flying to Hawaii. Most of the flights to Hawaii seem pretty expensive. I slept through most of my last flight to Maui, Hawaii. It seemed to be a pretty long flight and I remember people had boxes with fresh pineapples. We brought back a bunch of coffee, but we did not get any pineapples. Most of the Hawaiian coffee I have had over the years seemed rather mild. I want to go back for a vacation at some point. It could be fun.

Over the course of the last few months, I have become convinced that airline flights are experiencing more turbulence than before. I’m not sure if it is related to the time of year or if the Jetstream is just bumpy. The Southwest Airlines crew provided me a cookie, lightly salted peanuts, and some pretzels during the flight. For the second trip in a row I was able to remember my Nalgene water bottle. Denver International Airport water fountains areas include a special station to fill up water bottles. They seem to work pretty well. I fill up my 16 ounce water bottle before each flight. I have saved myself about $20 in bottle water fees so far.

During my travels to Dallas, Texas I have not made a large effort to see all the local area attractions. For the most part on work trips I mostly work, eat, and sleep. During the course of this trip I’m going break my habits and including going to the gym in that list.

For the first time in a couple years, I’m taking a break from teaching an online class this quarter. I’m going to focus on Android application development for the next three months. I already have a list of games to build. I’m going to write a sandbox game this week and go through the motions of taking it to market next week.
My Bose Quiet Comfort headphones are starting to wear down. The head strap needs to be replaced. I might be able to find a Bose store in Dallas. About a year ago I replaced the ear pads on the headphones. That was a relatively painless procedure. Changing out the head strap padding might be a little more involved. The pad coating has started to flake off. I have had these headphones for a number of years. I’m not sure why I keep repairing them. I pretty much only use them during airline flights. A number of new types of noise canceling headphones have hit the market since the first generation Bose units. Some of the new designs will even take up less space in my Timbuk2 messenger bag.

On the topic of Nature Box snacks – I have to admit that the entire sample box lasted about 45 minutes. I ate every one of the sample snacks in one sitting. I had meant to eat lunch, but ended up powering through the entire sample box in one grazing session. The snacks were pretty decent. I immediately ordered my next full box to give the delivery service a try. I tried the service to support Leo Laporte’s broadcasting company. The first big box will provide enough data points to decide if keeping the service will be worthwhile or if I should cancel Nature Box deliveries. I watched episode 270 of This week in Google (TWIG) during the flight. Gina, Jeff, and Leo were the best part of the flight.

The first nonstop DEN to DAL flight seems to be rather uneventful. I really do like watching the Southwest Airlines flight tracker application update during flights. Every flight should have WIFI.

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