Monday Style DIA to DAL

Everybody seems to be talking about the polar vortex this morning. Apparently, this week some very cold air from up north is about to radically change the weather for the Midwest. I’m glad that last week the sprinkler system was drained and prepared for winter. Personally, I’m not entirely ready for winter. A few more days of fall would have been acceptable.

This morning I had an Einstein Brothers Power Protein bagel for the first time. They cut it in half and toasted it. I will probably have another one. Naturally, I had two shots of espresso with the bagel. Over the course of the last two years, I have meticulously evaluated numerous espresso machines. None of them seemed like a good enough deal to encourage me to pull the trigger on a purchasing decision. About a month ago, I almost purchased the ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker. It looks like a solid piece of hardware.

The entire Southwest Airlines flight is waiting on one person. Somebody is going to sit in seat 6E today. It is a middle seat near the front of the airplane. I came up with a new game idea today. It should take about 10 hours of work to code. That work might happen this week. It is possible. I still have not figured out how to code while running on a treadmill. Writing on a treadmill took a few weeks to master. App development on a mobile phone has always been challenging.

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