Here we go again… I was working on a PowerPoint presentation and missed my boarding position. A Southwest Airlines boarding position really does matter. I went from being in the A group to being almost the last person to board the airplane. I was fortunate enough to get an aisle seat near the back of the airplane. The flight between Chicago Midway and Pittsburgh only takes about an hour. The Windows 10 preview built test on my HP Envy X2 has been going for almost a month. I’m still having trouble with battery degradation during sleep. I may start turning the computer off every time I use it. Suspending the computer is a very useful feature, but having enough battery for the flight is even more important. Other than some power issues the Windows 10 preview build seems to work pretty well. It has been 100% stable for almost a month.

I watched some of episode 272 of This Week in Google (TWIG) during the flight. Leo seemed to be pretty excited about the update to email Google released this week. The hosts brought up some good points about the current state of email. I have been making a real effort to unsubscribe from junk email this month. I’m one of the few people that stay real time on email.

I was going to review the Cyber Dust application, but the only thing I have done with it was message Mark Cuban. None of my contacts use it. At this point, I have no reason or incentive to use it moving forward. I’m not going to uninstall it yet, but I’m not sure it will become a part of my daily routine.

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