Friday Traveling Revisited

Routines happen. You can start, change, or reject them. I’m sure other options exist, but those are the ones that come to mind. In my case, I made a change. Switching to writing out of a single Microsoft Word document for the entire year was pretty easy to accomplish. Throughout the last decade I have simply opened a blank page and started to write each day. That strategy has been replaced with a strategy that involves opening the same document each day and appending my thoughts. This might not seem like a significant change, but it impacted a routine that dates back for over a decade.

Today started off with a few minutes of the Mike & Mike ESPN2 television show on in the background. The hotel did not seem to have any real breakfast options. I ended up making a cup of coffee in the room and pondering the nature of life, the universe, and some things. It should be a very interesting traveling day. The ride to Midway Airport this morning was uneventful. My Southwest Airlines flight back to Denver is pretty full. Only a handful of seats are open. Nobody wanted to sit next to me today. That happens from time to time.

Southwest Airlines personal provided lightly salted peanuts and some blueberry Belvita breakfast crackers during the flight. The Belvita crackers were rather interesting. They really do have a blueberry flavor.

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