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Downloads of new TWIG and TWICH episodes this week took forever. The standard hotel internet package was super slow this week. My flight today will take about two hours. I have about three hours of fresh tech related video content to watch during the flight. I even have some coverage of the Apple event that I may be able to watch. Last week I managed to download all of the course video from an Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course and save it to a flash drive. That 11 hours of video could be very interesting.

I’m watching the 266th episode of This Week in Google (TWIG). Even Leo is trying to get me to buy the Nature Box snacks. The Nature Box advertisements seem to follow me around the web. I’m working toward making an effort to spend more time writing about technology vs. random blogging.

Coaching toolkit development

  1. Define the method
  2. Setup the framework
  3. Maintain a schedule
  4. Evaluate the feedback cycle
  5. Reflect on progress

When I started coaching somebody for the first time, I talk about the reality of how often people change jobs. Every two to five years the majority of works seem to be changing jobs. After setting the state about how often people change jobs, I ask about what they expect to be doing 3-5 years from now. I typically ask them about what skills they would like to add to their toolkit. I talk about what skills make somebody employable. I like to do weekly one on one coaching sessions for my direct reports. During that one on one we talk about what webinar or article they read during the previous week and about how they are working to build up their toolkit. I keep track of employee development plans and try to setup a plan that can progress throughout the next year.

You need to seek out feedback. When receiving feedback, every complaint is a gift. Every gift of actionable feedback is an opportunity. Capturing opportunities in real-time drives success.

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