DEN to PHX then PHX to DEN

Today for the first time, I will be flying somewhere for business and flying back in the same day. It might be a bold plan. It will make for a very long day.

The first flight of the day was scheduled to arrive 4 hours before the meeting stated. Travel plans sometimes get built without cushions. I’m not a fan of that strategy. Crew members from Southwest Airline started boarding the flight about 15 minutes late. Some people seem to really like the Southwest Airlines boarding process. I’m still confused about how it all works. I randomly get assigned somewhere between A15 and A60 on every flight. Based on a general fear of not being able to get a window seat, I have started purchasing the Early Bird check in for every flight. For better or worse, the Early Bird system seems to be either a scam or marginally effective. After everyone had boarded the plane, a repair had to be made. After the repair was complete, the flight ended up taking off about an hour late. Things could have gone better.

Southwest Airlines flights tend to offer a wireless internet connection for a small fee. “No networks found,” was the message that displayed within my Windows connection center. During the last few flights I really enjoyed being able to watch the flight statistics on the Southwest website. I had a stack of papers to grade during the flight. Teaching online can be perilous at times. When you travel all the time you don’t really have any guarantee that you will be able to get a solid internet connection. Today the airline could not provide internet. I have seen the hotel internets stop working or plunger to dialup like speeds. I really do just expect internet connections to work.

Now would have been a good time to grade some papers. That is not going to happen. I’m going to end up watching episode 286 of This Week in Computer Hardware (TWITCH) and writing some general prose during the flight. This weekend I signed up for Nature Box to help support Leo Laporte’s advertising. The snacks are going to have to be pretty good to keep me hooked on their monthly subscription service. Next week a sample box will arrive. Next month 5 full bags of snacks will show up. That will be the key test. Each of the snacks will have to fantastic to keep me as a customer. Joni thinks that I should buy snacks locally vs. via mail order delivery.

Dollar Shave Club has recently been replaced by Harry’s within my household. Several of the blades from Dollar Shave Club broke where the plastic latches to the handle. I had never had a razor component break until I tried Dollar Shave Club. It happened during two different work trips. Both times I had to go out and purchase additional supplies to shave from a local grocery store. You can imagine that that situation was unacceptable. The only offer or recommendation I received from a Dollar Shave Club representative was to try a different type of blade. Alas, I was done with that company. To be fair I would like to acknowledge that the Dollar Shave Club shaving cream is pretty decent.

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