I’m almost getting used to this American Airlines 5 AM flight to Dallas, Texas. That cannot be a good thing. Last night a bout of hypergraphia kept me up for a few hours. I composed an abstract and wrote the introduction to something else in a matter of minutes. It was one of those times when the creative faucet was going to flow no matter how hard I tried to sleep. That happens sometimes. If my flight had been a little later in the day, then I might have been able to accept the challenge and write throughout the night. Both work and having a kid have changed when I can write.

I booked one of the last 3 seats on the flight and ended up having to sit in a middle row. The flight to Dallas always seems to be full. It does feel like a lot of the same people take that Monday morning flight to Dallas. This week is going to be interesting. I have about three weeks of work that needs to be done in 4 days. It will be a challenge, but it should end up being worthwhile.

Sunday at midnight my Business Ethics class ended. It will take me a couple days to grade final papers, but for the for the most part that journey has come to an end. As things progress forward, my plan is to spend an hour a night writing software. I have not really focused on coding anything in a long time.

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