A very cold DAL to DEN

The polar vortex must be real. It was cold this week in Dallas, Texas and even colder in Denver, Colorado. The temperature may be single digits when I land in Denver, Colorado today. I’m going to make a mad dash to the car. It is going to be cold.

Overall, my HP Envy X2 computer has been working pretty well this week while running the Windows 10 operating system technical preview. I recently moved to build 9860. The build is stable. However, I’m still struggling with the power related issues, but I have adapted to shutting the computer down vs. allowing it to hibernate.

It seems like all the people sitting near me at the airport have stickers on their computers. Assuming that I was willing to put a sticker on my computer, I’m not sure what sticker would make the most sense. I always wonder if a sticker was chosen based on a deep personal meeting or if the addition of a computer sticker involves something as simple as opportunity.

Denver from a plane

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