Just a bit of moving along

All the leftover notes beckon for completion. Some of them I’m sure are worthy of proper consideration and some of them of course are fall starts waiting to be revisited. Right now at this very moment I’m writing with my eyes closed just trying to focus on the moment. No sounds are in the background and the only thing making any noise is the mechanical keyboard in front of me. Each moment now is a pause from the flow of consideration and it is evaluated in the span of time it is allowed. Progressing from one thought to the next is really just an expression of the flow of time at the moment. Electing to ignore that flow of time does not stop it or even make it less impactful. 

I’m working on completing the latest Hugging Face course they recently published: https://huggingface.co/course/chapter1

A screenshot of the Hugging Face course Chapter 1

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