DAL to DEN Thursday Traveling

After a recent upgrade on my HP Envy X2 computer, the system is running Windows Technical Preview Evaluation Copy Build 9860. I’m hopeful that this build does not have power problems. The last couple of weeks have been challenging. The HP Envy X2 normally only has to be charged a couple times a week. I have been charging it almost every day. I was surprised when the update took about an hour to complete. I’m pretty sure that a new build was downloaded and then updates were applied to the build. Other than the power discharge problems, I generally like Windows 10. The new Microsoft operating system seems to work.

I just downloaded episode 274 of This Week in Google (TWIG) to watch during the flight. Based on the promo it should be an entertaining episode.

The Samsung earbuds that came with my Galaxy 4 phone broke yesterday. Getting caught on a door handle devastated them on impact. One of the wires stretched and that was the end of the earbuds. My Bose Quietcomfort headphones are now my primary audio listening device. The earbuds at the airport were very expensive. Scanning a barcode with the Amazon Android app is pretty easy. Paying a massive markup on earbuds at the airport was not going to happen today.


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