Accepting the path

A writer writes. That has to happen. My writing output needs to improve. I expect more from myself. Today is the right day to accept getting on the right path. You have to start by accepting who you are. You have to know where you are going. In the end, it is all about being the best medium for creativity you can be. To that end you have to move forward by never accepting distractions as an excuse. The simple act of writing is enough to conquer most distractions.

My upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview evaluation copy build 9926 from 9841 went really smoothly. After a few strongly worded system warnings, I elected to complete the upgrade during the Kentucky vs. Wisconsin final four game. All of my files were retained during the upgrade. That made it a pretty seamless transition. Some design elements changed between 9841 and 9926. A search option showed up in the menu bar and some of the icons appear to have changed.

Latest Windows 10 preview

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