No more Tumblr posting for me

My weblog menu has been updated to remove a link to my Tumblr page for the top menu bar of the site. This seemed like the right thing to do given that I just deleted all my content and account on the Tumblr site listed below. I have not posted any original content on that site. The only content that was posted was pushed over from this weblog. It seemed like that echo was not very useful and given that my weblog does not have to have a digital shadow to exist I went ahead and hit delete on that Tumblr page.

If anything ever ends up back on that page, then it was not from me and is unauthorized as far as I’m concerned. Right now it just says, “There’s nothing here.” At the moment, that is just fine given that my intention was to delete all the content and stop using the site. My big plan for the night after hitting that delete button was to write this weblog post and hit publish before the month comes to an end. I’m ready for October.

My current social media strategy for this weblog is to allow WordPress to post a link with each post title to Twitter. That will probably continue for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure it creates much traffic from Twitter back over to the weblog, but it seems to be something that brings me joy so it will be allowed to continue.

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