Closing my Yelp user account

After careful consideration, I’m done with Yelp. My account has been closed. The process was not without a certain degree of friction. It required more than just a click of a button. Before today, I had been using the Yelp online review service since July of 2009. Over the last few days, I have taken stock and considered the amount of time it consumes. Beyond time related considerations, I’m not sold on the idea of a ruling class of Yelp Elites. All 103 of my reviews have been deleted.

Yelp Account

The design team at Yelp should consider a revision to the system. Restaurants clearly fall into three tiers that should be rated separately. The scores are not comparable. Fast food, restaurants, and fine dining should be evaluated separately and in different ways.

Yelp Closed v2

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