Tracking down some technology

This is a recording of my blog from December 15, 2019

During my trip one of the other airport travelers had a Kensington MacBook magnetic privacy screen. It seemed like an amazing piece of technology compared to the privacy shield that 3M built for my Pixelbook Go. This privacy shield that I am using right now is stuck on the screen with some type of two sided glue based stickers. That method is way less useful and awesome than a magnetic privacy screen that can quickly be either used or stored. A few quick Google searches were enough to spoil my plans to purchase a magnetic privacy screen for this Pixelbook Go. I even went to the company website for Kensington and did a global search which yielded the following, “Sorry, no results for: ‘pixelbook go.’” 

This month I’m trying out the TIDAL music streaming service. It seemed to be a good match with my Sonos surround sound system. Normally, I just use Pandora internet streaming radio, but it seemed like a good idea to try out something new. This might be one of those things that I use for a month or so and cancel. Paying for ongoing subscription services is something that I am trying to avoid if possible. That seems like a reasonable course of action. Speaking of music services I’m trying to pick a new service to upload some spoken word audio files. I’m not going to all it a podcast. It really is a spoken word performance art of amazing content. Totally different from a podcast. I’m not sure if italics alone could convey the sarcasm in that last sentence so I left it standard print.

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