Top 10 Apps to Build

It took a few moments to really clear my mind this morning. Thoughts have been circling my forefront of my consciousness all night. Yesterday, I started thinking about what type of brand new businesses could make it. I’m not sure a formula exists to predict a startups success. Ultimately, it came down to making a list of the top 10 applications I would code if I had the time…

What 10 applications would I code tomorrow?

  1. Live public sentiment dashboard website
  2. Instant personal app that mines data based a targeted search
  3. Web crawler that generates a live list of unfiltered real time news
  4. One click to save a link to a favorite things online retain store
  5. Private candidate research application
  6. Safe content search engine
  7. New brick breaking game for Android (just for fun)
  8. Personal assistant calendar application with task monitoring
  9. Task planning application that can send reminders
  10. Turnkey data mining research application

I’m going to spend some time refining my thoughts today. Ultimately, I will pick an application to work on developing. Fun times are ahead…


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