Thoughts on my new Parker IM rollerball pen

Overall, I have been very happy with my switch to using Parker IM rollerball pens. The gun metal and black colored pens are both loaded with a medium point parker blue rollerball refill. They are now my primary writing instrument. Neither of them are the hundred dollar plus expensive models. A store on the Amazon website had them for under twenty dollars each. Over the last few years my previous pen of choice has vacillated between the uni-ball branded gelstick medium point gel ink pen and the bold point uni-ball vision elite stick rollerball pen. I wanted to make the move to a slightly heavier pen. The Parker IM had some decent reviews online and it seemed like the right time to make the switch. I have been using the pen for almost two weeks now and have been very happy with it. My only complaint so far is that if you leave it uncapped it might take just a second to start writing again. In other words, after a lengthy pause in use you might get just about a millimeter of pen travel across the page without ink when you start writing.

Parker IM Rollerball Pen

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