Thinking about wireless headphones

For the first time in a long time, I dropped my Bose headphones into my travel bag. Earbuds have dominated my mobile listening experience for the last couple of years. Making the switch was easy. It saved space and seemed to work just fine. I’m sure that the wireless headphones experience would probably change my preference. A ton of companies appear to be making wireless noise cancelling headphones. I’m sure some of them are very nice. I have carried an original pair of Bose acoustic noise cancelling headphones all over the nation. The pair I have still work just fine. I have worn them enough to have to replace the ear covers and the top bar is very worn.

I have noticed my YouTube viewing experience has changed recently. Most of the time I open YouTube and search something specific. Within that experience I treat YouTube like a search utility. I expect it to return some type of relevant search that will either teach me something or provide entertainment. Over the years, I have subscribed to a variety of channels. My subscription feed always has something to watch. The part of YouTube that seems to have changed is related to suggestions. My best guess is that the YouTube suggestion algorithm values relevance over time. Most of the things I subscribe to on YouTube involve an ongoing conversation. The newer content enhances that ongoing conversation. Suggesting content from months and years ago is not really the best user experience.

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