The big Google event happens tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be watching a Google sponsored event online. My bag of popcorn has already been purchased. The event tomorrow may be an epic experience of hardware announcements related to the Google ecosystem. At the same time, a lot of traffic on the internet has been focused on discussing the impending sale of Twitter. Both topics are very interesting. The Twitter topic may have a larger long term impact. Next year Google will probably have another hardware event. This may be the only time Twitter comes up for sale. Some folks online have suggested that Twitter represents the pulse of the internet. No other online forum as closely approximates a global realtime feed of events and thoughts. That assertion may be accurate.

I filled out the Twitter verification form today. My blurb was pretty simple, “I’m the author of Graduation with Civic Honors. Throughout the last ten years I have advocated for ways to strengthen civic engagement. My writing is very positive. I spend a lot of time focusing on the intersection of technology and modernity.” I know that filling out the Twitter verification form does not serve any real purpose or hep push society forward. However, it seemed like something fun to do. The experience was somewhat entertaining.

Today should be a fun day. I’m working on an Intro to Computer Science course from Udacity. It seemed like a good idea to take a step back and start from the beginning today. The course focuses on working with the Python programming language.

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